From Yukimune Oji

To Stop the Division in the World

Conflicts fueling global division continue to arise in various regions.

When considering what can be done at the grassroots level, the idea of fostering exchanges among young people who will shape the future, regardless of their nationality, emerged.

In this summer camp, young individuals from diverse nationalities and cultures come together on remote islands in Japan for profound interactions.

Through this, we hope to advance cross-cultural understanding and multicultural coexistence, even if just a little, aspiring for a more peaceful world.

To Promote Local Revitalization Models Globally

The challenge of revitalizing local communities is not exclusive to Japan; it is a universal concern.

I believe that young people from different countries can breathe new life into local areas and present fresh approaches for the next generation. Consequently,

I am committed to sharing Japan’s models for regional revitalization with the beautiful towns and villages worldwide.


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From Sota Imai