Rishiri Summer Camp

Discover Japan and yourself you have never known before

About Rishiri and our Camp



Rishiri island, Hokkaido, Japan
4 hours by airplane from Tokyo


We discovered Rishiri island 5 years ago and were completely knocked down by breathtaking nature.
On this less known and hidden island of Japan, we will welcome young leaders from all over the world
to understand each other by overtaking cultural differences through many types of activities such as nature tours and workshops.



①Get in touch with magnificent nature
Rishiri island has both mountain and sea that enables you to enjoy a variety of nature activities.

②Workshop with local people
Interaction with local people is the key to make your journey special. We provide many rare oppotuinities you would never find if coming just for sightseeing

③Making friends for lifetime
Attendees are staying in the local house for nights. Strong friendship should be built as you sometimes talk each other over night.

What you Find in our Camp

Genuine Nature of Japan

You are able to get in touch with the deepest nature and profound culture of Japan's Northernmost Region nurtured by Ainu tribe for centuries.

Precious Experience With Islanders

We tailor plans of summer camp based on your requests and include interactions with islanders such as fisherman, civil servants, and CEO of local companies.

Lifetime Friends From all Over the World

Promising young people gather in Rishiri island and make the best friendships through a variety of activities.

  • Program Fee
  • US$500/person*Fee might be changed depending on the number of people attending

It includes everything except transportation cost to and from Rishiri island and food cost.

  • Eligibility
  • University or graduate school students

Age should be from 18 to 25 years old.
It does not matter if you are in Japan or outside Japan.

  • Dates
  • 4 nights 5 days

We have four courses for summer camp. Please specify which courses you are available to attend when you send an application.
We would appreciate it if you could specify more than two courses available to attend so we could allocate everyone into courses.

① 5 August - 9 August
② 12 August - 16 August
③ 19 August - 23 August
④ 26 August - 30 August

  • The application will be closed as soon as the number of participants reaches the limit.
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From Attendees

  • Name
  • Santiago Poveda Gutiérrez
  • Country
  • Spain
  • University
  • Graduate School of Informatics
  • Name
  • Yu Suu Meng
  • Country
  • China
  • University
  • Graduate School of Law

From Organizers

  • Name
  • Sota Imai
  • Entitle
  • Faculty of Literature, Kyoto Univ.
  • Name
  • Yukimune Oji
  • Entitle
  • CEO, Bunkei Corp.

Who Should Participate


International students in Japan as well as overseas

International students living in Japan or coming all the way from other countries to appreciate deep japanese culture

Overseas students who are thinking of traveling to Japan are also more than welcomed.

Young professionals in Japan

Young people just graduated from a college in Japan or overseas who want to enjoy Japan on vacation by deeply appreciating japanese culture.

Young people who are thinking of traveling to Japan are also more than welcomed.


Art university students

Art students living in Japan or coming all the way from other countries to appreciate deep japanese culture and at the same time to engage in art production activities in perfect nature environment

A Model Day in our Camp


Having Breakfast on the Beach


Cycling around the island, 63 km with amazing view of Mt. Rishiri


Lunch time, eating fresh fish caught by local fisherman on the same morning


Workshop with local people, getting deep understanding of what is going on on the remote island of Japan


Curing all the fatigue with natural effect of bathing in onsen, hot spring


BBQ with fisherman


Stargazing(you are most likely to see shooting stars)


What is the official language?

The official language is English, and the staff members are proficient in both Japanese and English.

What should I pack?

・Cash (for souvenirs and dining expenses)
・Passport (with visa if necessary)
・Clothing (Washing machine available. If you plan to cycle or hike, comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended.)
・Personal water bottle (Natural water from Rishiri Island can be consumed)
・Writing utensils
・Necessary medications
A detailed packing list will be provided after your application is confirmed.

What is the transportation option to Rishiri Island?

There are options to travel by either plane or ferry, but we recommend using a flight. Details will be provided after your application is confirmed.

What is the weather like in Rishiri?

Summer on Rishiri Island is often sunny with an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, and it's generally dry. However, mornings and evenings can be chilly, so please make sure to bring some jackets and long-sleeved clothing with you.

What is the food like?

Participants will have the opportunity to cook together, dine at nearby restaurants, and enjoy a barbecue. Rishiri Island, known for its thriving fishing industry, offers an abundance of delicious seafood, which is deeply intertwined with the island's culture. Please note that providing a dedicated menu for vegetarians may be challenging due to the island's culinary culture but we will work on it no worries!!

Do I need to bring a backpack, or can I bring a rolling suitcase on the summer camp?

You can leave your luggage at the accommodation, so feel free to choose either option.

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